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What’s on in Santorini

Santorini is so much more than a beautiful, cosmopolitan Greek island.

It is a unique destination with a handful of amazing experiences and activities that you simply cannot miss out.

Its breath-taking landscapes, magical, otherworldly sunset and fascinating history will overwhelm you.

Oia or Ano Meria, as locals call it, is a picturesque village in the northern part of the island.

Its unique architecture, picturesque churches, marble streets and amazing views over the caldera make for an exceptionally beautiful landscape and a magical atmosphere.

Literally dangling over the Caldera edge, one-of-a-kind Oia offers a unique, panoramic view to the volcano and the Aegean Sea as well as unobstructed access to its famous sunset.

Marvel at its rich, traditional architecture with countless historic old ship-owners’ residencies (called “captains’ homes”) and cave houses.

The Kastro Oia Houses suites count among them.

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