santorini beaches | Kastro Oia Houses

Discover the beaches

On Santorini, discover magnificent beaches all around the island, which satisfy even the most demanding of visitors.

Outstanding red rock, white stone and dark tinged pebbles are just a few of their features and details, waiting to be explored.

Whether looking for a late party on the beach or for a recluse shelter, a fully organised family beach or places unexplored and magical, Santorini beaches will excite you!

Kastro Oia Houses lies just 500 metres from the popular Ammoudi Beach in Oia.

Ammoudi brings to mind a movie set, featuring an abundance of taverns carved in the rock.

Take the path from Ammoudi to the rock hosting the chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

There may not be enough room for sunbathing, but swimming right at the foot of the caldera is just rewarding!

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